Friday 1 February 2008

Creating a Grymn Force VI

The first NCO of my Grymn force rolled off the exceptionally slow painting conveyor belt this evening. Start to finish this figure took me 2:40 minutes. The face slowed me a bit - especially the eyes ... the eyes.... arrgh the eyes...!


Whilst painting the helmet on this figure I noticed that the rear of the helmet has three sergeants stripes on the back of it which are tiny tiny tiny! However as I have been converting a number of Grymn troopers to full face helmet and enviro-suit I was thinking of asking Hasslefree if some of the helmets they produce separatey could have this designation sculpted into them - it currently only appears on this figure.
Running total (34): Painted - 6 : To Go - 28.

I've also tidied up the pictures for the rest of the Heavy Trooper suqad which I posted earlier.

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  1. Love your Grymns and your blog. I even started my own with your inspiration. Thanks