Monday 4 February 2008

Painting Pledge - Excel

I was spending a few minutes considering my back log of unpainted lead figures (I often find this is more nourishing for the soul than actually painting anything) and I decided that the only way I was going to make any inroads into the moutain was to discipline myself. If i actually knew how much i spent on figures and how little I REALLY painted then perhaps this might shock me into doing more about it and putting time aside etc.

So, to help me demonstrate to myself exactly how squanderous I am with my own valuable time and money I put the whole lot in a spreadsheet. This allows me to record all the figures I have bought each month and the small number I have painted, and then with a suprising array of satistics (some of which I probably dont need) humiliates my meagre painting efforts.

It has no embedded macro's so I assume will be "safe". I accept no responsibility whatsoever for whether its accuracy or any other aspect of its (non)performance. As this is V1-1 it also comes without any help...

I MAY (repeat MAY) get round to updating it or providing further functionality if anyone requests something sensible. Also note however that I am not an Excel expert so am mostly self taught. I am sure there are better ways of doing what I have done here, but I didn't know abut them at the time!!!


  1. Is the summary page supposed to update as I put information into the Data Entry pages, or is there another step that I'm missing? I'm not very good with Excel.

  2. Chris - yes. I assume from your question that it isn't? Only thing i can think of is that you haven't included a date correctly. It only shows summary for data where it can determine which month that the date entered is in...

  3. Great spreadsheet :) I've stated using it, and it is already helping me curb my miniature excesses. Thanks Brandlin!!

  4. Hey Brandlin - I need to change the years as this spreadsheet only goes up to 2008!! I need it to infinity and beyond :D