Thursday 22 October 2009

Creating a Grymn Force XV

Yes, yes, I know I said I was going to concentrate on the drop ship after it won in the recent poll, but I can't get any enthusiasm right now, but I have been working on my Grymn, and they were second choice!!

And as its been a while this is a long rambling post on what I'm aiming for with my Grymn.

I've sorted out an OOB (Order of Battle or as Inso politely informs me it should be a TOE - Table of Equipment) which is shown below. There are a few gaps which I have on order from Hasslefree to fill as soon as the postal workers go back to delivering (no comment - no politics here please.)

All squads are 10 Grymn squads organised in 2 x 5 grymn sections.

Each 5 man section is based on a movement Tray from Fenris Games and are highly commended. As with my other fantasy units these trays have flexible steel paper from Tiny Tin Troops cut and applied in the recesses and small magnets from First 4 Magnets glued to the underside of the slotta bases. This means I can almost literally throw the bases around on the tabletop with no risk of them coming off the tray - it really speeds up squad movement. Eventually these trays will be decorated to match the troop bases.

MY Grymn TOE
(or OOB - you choose)

Each squad shown with the Old Crow vehicle I'm equipping them with.

Head Quarters
yet to be finalised
Likely to be command and deputy, 2 comms officers (Hasslefree WIP)
plus Medics and 2 Snipers and LI troopers (only snipers shown)
with Comms turret.

Heavy Infantry (10)
full environment suit, plasma carbines, 2 HW plasmas

Light Infantry (10)
smg, 2 Missile launchers

Light Infantry (10)
smg, 2 'gattling' style machine guns

Support Squad (10)
4 HMG teams plus spotters.
(Note I have models for these sections both on the move and with their 2 man HMGs deployed)

Scout Infantry (10)
smg, 2 grenade launchers
x 3

Close Combat section (5)
with jump packs and twin pistols.

That's 70 Grymn models and about as big as I want it to get right now.

I just love these heavier vehicles from Old Crow, So i'm likely to add some armoured might to this mechanised infantry division!

In addition (you knew that wouldn't be the whole plan right!)

I have three of these "Provider Transports"

Which perform multiple duties as general trucks and convoys to be protected and such like. I also have four of these "Outrider Scout Vehicles"

Or rather I have one of these to include somehow, and a further three chassis. These Old Crow vehicles are designed to be modular, with a single chassis being used with multiple tops/hulls to create different vehicles. So I'm going to make some hulls for each of these Outrider chassis to be used either as independent vehicles like ambulances or as trailers for the trucks and APCs, and I'll buil "top" sections for the Provider Transports.

Ideas for new vehicles/trailers so far include:
  • Ambulance / mobile surgical unit
  • Flyer trailer (to carry this when it goes on release)
  • Dedicated communications unit
  • General ammunition trailer
  • Flamethower armed mini-tank
  • Territorial Gyrmn display unit for parking at village fairs and church fetes!
  • Trailer for carrying the Grymn Motorcycle display team (and if you know my views on sci-fi motorcycles on the battle field you'll know this wont be top of the list!)
Suggestions welcomed!

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