Friday 8 May 2009

Ooooh A present.....!

Look what the nice Kev and Sally from Hasslefree Miniatures have sent me to play with! The note says it's not finished yet but it looks pretty good to me..just a touch of cleaning up.

Sally suggests I might want to customise it; however now I have this in my hands, I'm not sure about my idea to attach lift fans above the cockpit.

So I may just paint this up to match my grymn (old crow) vehicles add a nose mounted weapon and then let Sally and Kev have pictures.


  1. I would suggest you to go with the original design (which is spot on, in my opinion).
    You'll have time to customize the ones you'll buy when they get released to the public!

  2. I quite like the fan idea (and have already pointed you in the direction of Evil Mushroom games for the easy fan option ;) ) so I say go for it...this one will be the 'custom' one because it doesn't have Kev-made undercarriage/weapons, so you may as well experiment a bit.