Tuesday 28 April 2009

Grenadier Fantasy Warriors Orcs III

I have around 200 of the old Grenadier Orcs mainly picked up from ebay over the last couple of years, and progress is being made putting them on bases as enemies of my FW Dwarfs.

Now for some odd reason I have 23 orc archers, but they are all the same pose - with bow fully drawn, and I have a number of 'vacancies' in all of the other infantry units.

So it was with interest that i came across these two articles from Combat Zone Chronicles.
1. Playing with Plastic Orcs
2. Playing with More Plastic Orcs

Now I'd seen that Doug over at EM-4 Miniatures is selling the old Grenadier plastic Orc and Dwarf figures for some time and had even ordered samples of them but had gone no further.

After reading this article I think I've found the cheapest way possible to bulk out the existing units and create a genuine horde. I'm not sure I would build whole units of these plastic orcs but I think mixing them in with other metal units should work well.

At only 15p a figure I can't go wrong.

Oh, except of course I need to be actually get around to painting them!!


  1. Thanks for the link to that Playing with Plastic Orcs article. It's interesting how versatile the same pose can be. I did something similar with the Grenadier plastic dwarfs. I should post a pic.

  2. please do Andrew, Dwarfs are my main love