Monday 30 December 2013

Wet Palettes

I have finally found a moulded plastic box, and foam lining that works brilliantly for me as a wet palette.

I've tried many things before but not found anything as simple as this.

The box is impact resistant with a metal pin hinge and a firm clasp and comes ready lined with a close cell foam. Its shallow enough to mean you're not reaching 'over' the lip of a "tupperware" box and it has little to no lip. When open the lid lies flat and actually means that you could double your palette area (although obviously you can't close it with paint and water in if you use both sides.

I'm thinking of knocking them out of my webstore.

Two palette sizes.
Small 90 x 130 x 23mm (with a usable palette size of 70 x 110mm) - estimate £7
Large 110 x 160 x 29mm (with a usable palette size of90 x 140mm) - estimate £9

Both sizes include 15 sheets of parchment, a zip lock bag to keep the box airtight if you're not painting for several days, and a length of copper wire to help keep down mold growth.

Good idea or not?

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