Saturday 10 July 2010

New store front!

No sooner did I suggest I was going to move away from e-bay and start selling directly so I could offer better value for money to my customers, than I had a couple of people pointing me at 'free' shopping cart software.

So I thought I'd have a look. I've had my fingers burnt with this stuff before, and I particularly dislike the set ups that need 14 clicks to see a tiny thumbnail of the product whiclst the sceen is cluttered by "other people who bought this also bought tickets to the world cup final and a can of beans" rubbish.

So I was pleased with what I saw at Nice clear "does what it says on the tin" kinda set-up and big, clear, fast-loading pictures. I am very impressed for free.

One evening later and I think I have it all operational.  So have a look at the new store front - if you think you see problems then let me know....

You could always spend some money while you are there :)

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