Saturday 10 July 2010

Big progress and Wall Name Needed!

A big step this evening on the next batch of kits. I have finished the initial lay up of the 2D geometry of three further kits, and have sent them to the laser cutter.

  • TWF-03 Tew-Fah Bridge
  • TWF-04 Benan Watchtower
  • TWF-05 Stockade Wall

They wont get any attention until next week but I hope that by next weekend I shall have prototype kits back and be able to check assembly - and all being well open pre-orders and have the kits available for the first week in august.

However I need a good name for the Stockade wall section. As you can see from the other names, they are all a pun either on the name of a real building structure or on the materials used to create it. In this case the wall is built on a foam-board core.


Oh I just noticed I have an 87th Follower... Welcome to "Foot of Adhesive Tape" I'd have thought that would make taking your shoe off tricky? Hope you stick around though, and find plenty things of interest for you to adhere to :)

For completeness, these are images of the files that have gone to be cut...

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