Friday 9 April 2010

Twilight Scenery XII - Pryn-Gul Tower complete

Well, not quite finished ... still have the runes on the terracotta tiles and the door fixtures and fittings to do metallic. The wood grain is good at arms length and i have convinced myself the colours work too, I do need to use a drafting pen to plack line some plank edges on the larger expanses of wood grain though.

As ever, click on the pictures for much bigger views.

These models will be on display on the Twilight stand at Salute 2010!! See you there!


  1. Hey Alan,

    I know over on TMP I suggested trying the wood colors reversed, but I'm glad you didn't listen. I think the piece came out spectacularly.

  2. HI Scott... I did take your advice and tried a test piece with the colours reversed, but although it looked more weathered and realistic it was too similar to the stucco i stuck with the darker look. Thanks for the suggestion and compliment.

    tim - thank you :)

  3. That looks truely awesome.