Saturday 20 February 2010

Tube Overkill

I decided to get some postal tubes as standard sizes to be able to do some varying sized buildings in the same style as the Pringles Tube. I found a supplier that does 2,3,4,6 and 8 inch diameters in varying lengths.

I think I may have over estimated the size of these tubes!
Either that or scale-creep has gone into reverse!

The first problem is how to cut them accurately square... panel saw i think... the 6and 8" ones are too big for a hacksaw and with a 3mm wall thickness a modeling knife isn't going to be man enough!


  1. Some great building materials there!

  2. Just looking at the larger tubes, you could put walkways around the outside and make a Twilight version of the Ewok tree dwellings...except not in trees but built structures.

    Fubarnii tower-blocks?

  3. Thanks Chris V

    Inso - at 8" diameter thats a scale 33' (10m) in size. I like the idea of walkways around the outside, perhaps even spiraling or with steps to get multiple levels!

    The great things about buidings in wargames is that they give you line of sight issues and places to get good vantage points for ranged fire. However there is almost no ranged fire in twilight, so anything I can do to get more available space for models to engage in melee on the building roofs, balconies, bridges and walkways is the way to go.