Monday 15 December 2008

Grenadier Fantasy Warriors Orcs II

Thanks to the 52 people who voted on my recent poll "What colour are orcs?" and to all those that left comments on The Miniatures Page and the Forum of Doom.

Well, the poll is closed, the results are in and they look compelling.

But, in the true spirit of online polls I'm going to do what I want to regardless! I'll explain why:

In the multi-racial horde that is coming together to to challenge my Dwarf Host I have the following species in roughly decreasing order of size/toughness. (Yes, I know that if I follow the FW rules I cant put all these in the same army- nor can I in WHFB, but hey they're my figures.)
  • Trolls
  • Orges
  • Greater Orcs
  • Hob Goblins
  • Orcs
  • Half Orcs
  • Goblins
  • Goblin rabble (lesser goblins)

Thats 8 separate although somewhat related races, and I'd like to be able to subtly distinguish between them by skin colour. (Yes, I realise that to confuse a troll with a lesser goblin you'd have to be extremely short sighted no matter what colour I paint them!)

So i'm going to paint them all in slightly different shades of the same basic colours I highlighted. Broadly using darker tones at the top of the list and much lighter ones lower down.

So, well done, If you voted Quagmire, Drab or Moss - Then you won. If you voted for stupid green - please report the the Games Workshop reconditioning unit. If you voted for "something else" and then failed to leave any kind of comment here or on the forums above then thanks for being so helpful :-)

I have a couple of units undercoated (Hob Goblins and Orcs) so will do some demo and WIP pictures in the next few days.


  1. Alan, you could have all the troops in the same army. Choose Goblins or Orcs as the base army. Have an allied command with troops from the other race and the Trolls and Ogres, then get yourself a mercenary command with the half-orcs in.
    The only advice Steve or I would give if you were playing against us at Defenders would be to focus the role of your allied command because you'll have a mixed race for command rolls and trolls/ogres don't mix well with archers/artillery.

    Oh yeah, I didn't vote in the poll but I would have gone quagmire as well (although mine are all GW green to keep my boys happy)

  2. Thanks for the correction Colin. I'll have to sort a proper OOB for these guys. Although the whole force is likely to be too big to play as one unless its an all-day type affair so i suspect as with the dwarfs it'll get used in smaller sections.