Tuesday 9 December 2008

Grenadier Fantasy Warrior Orcs I

Well, its a simple question.... "What colour are Orcs?"

I love the old Grenadier Fantasy Warriors game and the Grenadier Miniatures that went with it. And i've been picking up second hand from ebay. I've started on the Dwarfs but also have around 150 Orc/(hob)goblins too.

Now I like to think of these sculpts as old school (certainly they don't have the definition of of modern sculpts and in some places are very poor, but for me its a nostalgia thing). And to me old school orcs don't have bright green comedy skin. I want something a little more 'realistic'. Yes i do realise the irony of asking for a realistic skin tone for a fictional creature. Maybe something like a green/flesh tone mix.

I work in Foundry Paints and am thinking of using either Moss or Drab or maybe even Quagmire?

What do you guys think? Please vote in the Poll on the right >>>

Then, once the skin tone is sorted I need to establish a colour scheme/theme for the army. They will mostly fight my Dwarfs who are in Teal and Grey/White colours. And they are likely to be fighting in snowy tundra terrain (thats how my dwarfs are/will be based).

So any great ideas for a simple two-colour strong theme? suggestions on Orc/Goblin symbols and heraldry also welcome. I'm not doing dags and checks! I like the lidless eye and white hand motifs but want to do something similar in simplicity and concept but a different symbol.

There is a Hasslefree Miniatures link here too. I see my Grymn as descendents of my Fantasy Dwarfs (a few hundred generations later). So am planning to buy a bundle of Hasslefree Bohkin (sci-fi goblins)for my Grymn to fight. These Bohkin would then keep the same livery as the Fantasy Orcs etc.

All suggestions and debate welcome...


  1. I think it's totally appropriate to ask what is "realistic" for a fantasy range. I can't stand gigantic swords, absurdly ornate armor, or bright green orcs!

    I've been painting my Vendel orcs grey, with a simple black wash to pick out the details.

  2. Hi Andrew, thanks for the comments. Grey with black wash sounds a little 'cold' to me, i'm looking for something warmer and with more of an organic feel. I've only ever seen the vendel ranges on the computer screen - but i think their orcs look too much like a regimented army from what i can see. Their dwarfs look interesting though.

  3. From the three choices you provided, I would go for Quagmire.

    Dark orcs look better than lighter ones.

    That said, I have seen Orcs painted with human skin tones and they look pretty cool...

    ...what about a tribe of albino Orcs?

  4. P.S. I painted some orcs recently with some alternate heraldry you might like. There are photos on my blog. I went for a moon/stars/bones motif.