Friday 24 October 2008

Mini Grymn I

I've always wanted to game the same forces in 28mm and in 6mm sci-fi. This would make it possible to play campaign games with larg scale battalion actions and smaller skirmish events using the same forces.

So I've decided to do this with my Grym forces. The 28mm infantry are drawn from the Hasslefree Grymn range (excellent figures!) and their vehicles from the Old Crow Models 25mm resin range.

Jez at Old Crow make his vehicles in 25mm and 15mm scale but not (alas) in 6mm scale! So I am shopping around to get suitable 6mm substitutes. I'm looking for vehicles that bare resemblance to the old crow models.

This thread on The Miniatures Page (TMP) took all the work out of finding 6mm sci-fi manufacturers.

As a start I was delighted to find Exodus Wars who produce a number of "space dwarf" figures. Although the infantry are too cartoony to pass as grymn, they have some great jeeps in thei Khazari Raider Patrol which I'm using as 6mm versions of the Gecko .

25mm Old Crow Gecko and 6mm Exodus Wars Khazari Raider Patrol:

At Exodus Wars I also discovered the Valkyrie Patrol ships. I like the look of these so bought a couple of partols. Now i'll have to scratchbuild some 25mm versions (Another project!)

6mm Exodus Wars Khazari Valkyrie Patrol:

I think I shall be using Pax Arcadia Infantry from Dark Realm Miniatures as substitute 6mm Grymn.

Also from dark Realm I liked the look of the Javelin Light Scout, so will have to scratchbuild a 25mm version. I'll be kitbashing the Revell Pocket EasyKit Jedi Starfighter for the main cockpit for this. Thanks to Freakinacage on the Forum of Doom for the idea and Inso for further inspiration. (Note to self: finish one project before starting the next!)

6mm Pax Arcadia Javelin Light Scout
and Revell Jedi Starfighter Pocket EasyKit:

The Pax Arcadia line have a good range of vehicles, but nothing that says Gladius or Glaive. They dont have much light enough to represent the Trojan or Slingshot either.

I'm adding my own models to these in the form of my own dropship and minidropship.

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  1. I'm not keen on 6mm, but seeing what you're doing I can see the attraction. I really want to see your 25mm scratchbuilds!

    And your OpenID isn't working for LJ, just like Inso's. :(