Friday 11 July 2008

What's it gonna be?


  1. It isn't, by any chance, going to be converted into some sort of battlefield drop a sci-fi Chinook, is it?

  2. It's funny...we have a very similar bottle sat on a shelf and of all the bottles I would have chosen for the job, that one wouldn't have been my first choice.

    Good luck sticking things to it because the material looks extremely 'non-stick' and is very flexible.

    That said, it is an interesting shape and the indent half way down looks the perfect place for a pair of side doors with 'Vietnam' styled gunners...

  3. I'm thinking adjustable rotating engines attached to the sides of the thicker front and rear sections, a rear loading/cargo ramp, an upper rear tailfin or perhaps cupola/turret. Then the front opening of the bottle replaced with an angled 'head' - i'm thinking something a little like the head on an eagle from space 1999.

    I Like your door gunner idea - hadn't thought of that. Unfortunately even on the largest bottle size, the side thickness isn't large enough to accomodate even a grymn.

    I'm going to try and detail the whole thing so it looks like it 'belongs' to the old crow vehicles i already have - similar panel lines and hatches etc.

    As to sticking to the plastic, I'm thinking about casting the bottles inr esin and then detailing them, and hen recasting from that to get the final models...

    Never resin casted before so that'll be new...

    I never do anything by halves!