Friday 30 April 2010

Twilight Scenery XVI - Stable Barracks

Welcome to my latest follower Arny - who has some great looking terrain on his blog Ultra Terrain

Whilst working out costings for the PrynGul Tower and shingles kits I finalised the composition of the the next Kit in the range.

This is a stables/barracks.  The idea being the double doors on the ground floor open into an enuk stables and the stairs lead to knight quarters or barracks area above the stables.

As before this model is based on a pringles tube, except this time cut down to half height. All of the modules in this kit (stair case, double doors, dormer window) can be placed anywhere on the model and are interchangeable with the Pryn-Gul Tower and vice-versa. In this way a great number of variations can be made.

These Google Sketch-Up pictures represent the first stage in the design process. I now transfer these into TurboCAD to unfold and create the geometry for the laser cutter.

There will be a helical handrail up the model when finished (Sketch-Up doesn't like doing helices much - or maybe its me?) There may be a reverse handed version of this kit sometime too - with the stairs going anti clockwise.

I still need to name this kit. I was thinking of Nu-Bree Stables, or perhaps Asc-Ut Stables or even Oldash-Ot Barracks?

As always comments suggestions and criticism gratefully received!

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