Monday 26 April 2010

Everyone hates shingles?

Welcome to my 2 new followers, Cianty andJoe Dragovich. I hope you find soemthing of interest here.

One of the things I learned at Salute 2010 is that all scratch builders hate cutting shingles.

I had numerous requests for sheets of just shingles or slates.

So, hows this ?

Click on the image for a bigger picture. These are scaled at about 1:50 but will suit anything from 1:35 up to around 1:72 at a push. There simply aren't standard sizes for slates and shingles.
The slates/shingles are shown in white, and the waste in grey. Each shingle is a variable width between 200 and 300mm  across (4-6mm in scale). Each strip is an average of 12mm deep, allowing for plenty of glue area. I'd imagine these components cut from 0.5mm thick or possibly 0.25mm thick styrene sheet.

The shingles would come in strips 285mm long, the upper edge remains continuous, and the bottom edge is cut through to give a random 'feathered' edge. When overlapped the continuous section of the shingles is hidden by the layer above, thus allowing whole rows of shingles to be cut to length and placed in one go.

This is an A4 sheet which holds 14 x 285mm lengths of shingles. That's 3.99m strip of shingles. Allowing for overlap, that's enough to fully cover 15x15 cm. (6" x 6") square roof.

To make shingles for roof ridges simply cut away the continuous top section of a strip of shingles and apply the shingles individually.

This is the same shingle/slate pattern used on the PrynGul tower prototype, its just straight rather than curved.

What do you think?


  1. awesome. there is a certain amount of madness that comes after hand cutting hundreds of card shingles

  2. Perfect idea and time economy!
    Greetings from Russia

  3. thank you catweasel, PhilB and Arny...

    Yay! i have a follower in Russia!

  4. When will these be available. I was one of those who spoke at Salute and suggested Shingles. Any more progress / time scale and cost. The Original tower in the fleash was fabulus



  5. hi andrew.

    Good timing. The sheets are at the laser cutters as we speak - i'm expecting them returned this week. So hopefully on ebay by the weekend!

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