Tuesday 25 August 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

If you are very observant, you may have noticed that I have a habit of starting a project and not finishing it (some of you will be surprised by this statement as I hide it so well.)

Well I was just perusing some of my favourite retail therapy websites and saying things like "Wow, I never realised just how cool Chem-suit clad Neo-Soviet troops riding Bears and toting buttercups are. I have to get me a bunch of them!" When it struck me that I really should damned-well finish something.

But what?

I'm now unable to decide because (just like mobile phones) there is too much bleeding choice.

So I thought I'd open the question up to you guys. That way when I'm painting something i hate at 2am I can vent my spleen by blaming you rather than getting distracted by that dwarf pirate fyling roman galley complete with motorised propellor and oars that I've had sitting around for years, (no, seriously!)

So, there's a poll over there on the right for you to vote and pick one, and I've listed and described the projects below. All projects are for 28mm sized miniatures unless otherwise stated.

DROPSHIP - complete the dropship project, remodel the main hull so its hollow and detailed, complete the molds and make a squadron of 3.

GRYMN - Base and paint my 58 Grymn to the same standard as the squad I have already completed. Including themed snow movement trays and completed support vehicles from Old Crow.

FANTASY DWARF ARMY - Base and paint all 500+ of my Fantasy Warrior Grenadier Miniatures Dwarf Army to the same standard as the one unit already painted, including movement trays.

FANTASY ORC ARMY - Base and paint all 300+ of my Fantasy Warrior Grenadier Miniatures Orc and Goblin Army including the Goblin War Giant.

BOHKIN SQUADS - Bohkin are Hasslefree Miniatures version of Space Goblins. Paint and base my 16 Bohkin and Drusch-converted-to-orcs space force.

GROWLERS - Finish conversions and painting of the 40+ FASA Growlers into Yellow Fungus monsters to the same standard as those I've completed. These were started as monsters for an RPG/skirmish game i used to play - now defunct.

KOLVYR - Along with the Growlers above I have about 80 Rackham metal miniatures from the Griffin and Alahan Factions which were also to be used in the same game. Base and paint all these models, including movement trays.

ROGUE TROOPER - Base and paint the 15 Rogue Trooper figures I have from Citadel, Bronze Age Miniatures and Foundry. Note this doesn't include Nort and Souther troops as I never got round to choosing or buying any!

ABC WARRIORS - Paint and base the ABC Warriors figures I have from Foundry, including completing conversions for Happy Shrapnel and Mongrel.

LIZARDMEN ARMY (Inc. DRAGONS) - Well, I say army, the plan was to build a lizardman army from non GW figures (i dont like any GW lizard figures since the tom meir lizadmen and troglodytes boxed sets back in the 1980's) So far I have about 30 Grenadier flying Dragonmen to act as aerial support

DWARF FLYING ARMY - Originally intended as support to a dwarf land army this consists of the flying roman galley/dwarf pirate ship supported by around a dozen gyrocopters and other flying machines and Grenadier Dwarfs on Giant Bats. Finish the modelling and conversion of all machines and paint and base.

ALTERNATE DWARF UNITS - I have around 50 Dwarf figures from manufacturers that I like (Asgard, Hasslefree, Heresy, Black Scorpion). These figures don't mix well with either GW or Grenadier so I always imagined them to be either dioramas or supporting units to the main armies. These all need assembling, basing and painting.

I think that's about it!

The poll is over there on the right so please cast a vote. Thank You.

On top of this I committed to finish a Diorama of Doom for the Forum of Doom competition, and I have some maps to do for Twilight.

Oh, and I need to sort through my old citadel dwarfs and get them on Ebay - I took the plunge NEVER to finish that project!


  1. Alan, I've voted for the ABC Warriors, but your Rogue Trooper stuff comes a close second. I'm a big fan of 2000AD and I really like both series but I chose the ABC Warriors because that seems like an easy project to finish. You've only got two figures to convert and paint, which isn't much when compared with a lot of your other choices.

  2. FYI: I went with the drop ship, if for no other reason than to get the resin and casting stuff put away. The ABC warriors were a close second based on the same reasons as Vampifan. I have to choose the smaller projects to boost my confidence and break the larger projects into bite sized pieces. Good Luck!

  3. I voted "i don't care". It's not that I'm an uncaring individual, it's just that... well... so something you WANT to do. If ever you're in a position that what you're doing seems odious or like "work" it's time to find a new hobby.

    If it's that you have too much that you really, really want to do and just don't have the time - then, brother, do I hear you and I have the deepest deepest sympathy.

    When I'm in the situation, assuming all options are still equally of interest to me, I generally go with what will be the quickest and easiest to get on the table - because, after all, that's what this is all about - PLAYING with the toys, right!? Which ones already have stuff that can play with it or finished opponents.

    Also, as Shelexie points out, the feeling of accomplishment - even at finishing off the simplest of projects - does wonders for the morale!

  4. Thanks for your comments guys.

    @tim - I don't play with the figures. The owning, collecting, painting and modelling is what I'm in it for. However I do have plans to play with my son and that was the basis for getting on with the dwarf and orc armies.

  5. I know I'm late to the party but I voted for the dropship because it will take less work to complete than painting a lot of minis (especially at your pace ;) ).

    After the dropship I want to see Grymn, god damn it :)!

  6. Even later to the party than Inso!

    I voted for Bohkin, but only because there wasn't a specific 'collect and paint a Fubarnii force' option. :)

    Admittedly I probably should have voted for the dropship - would be good to see that project finished!