Tuesday 14 July 2009

TOBSEN77 - Interesting stuff

I came across the Tobsen77 site a couple of months ago, but at the time there was only this that caught my eye:

Some of you that have read my blog previously will know that I normally like my machines believable (or at least with a plausible nod to the laws of physics). So I find myself torn over this unicycle figure. Its so completely stupid from a physics point of view, and yet I want one. No, I want hundreds; swarming down a long sloping battlefield with Grymn gunners shooting up everything that stands in their way! It's just sooo cool.

Since then, the range has grown somewhat. There are a few so-so tank sculpts, but there are a couple of recent additions that are quirky and uber-cool. The first is Globo - a one man submarine, and the second The Seagull - either a 1920's inspired speedboat or with the enclosed cockpit fitted a 1950's Flash Gordonesque spaceship.

There are more pictures on the Tobsen77 site, including disassembled images.

I should state that I have absolutely no need for any of these models, but we all know that despite my mantra of "No more new projects" I'm going to buy all of them.
To hell with Physics I say (although the idea of giant walking mechs is still wrong!)

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