Wednesday 15 July 2009

Drop Ship XIX

I've done some work on the Landing gear, removing the frankly archaic compression spring and adding a hydraulic strut with a couple of hydraulic fluid pipes.

They're Hydraulic fluid pipes I tell you! Any similarity to a live and earth wire from old UK mains cable is purely coincidental - honest!

Because I am going to cast these legs I've had to fill any gaps between the hydraulic fluid pipes and the struts so that there aren't 'holes'. The blue you can see is Apoxie filler.

Test assembly to the underbody with the shp resting on supports.

And Finally a size comparison to a Grymn Sergeant.

Looking at the landing gear I'm a little unsure whether it'd be robust enough in Resin to take "Normal handling" during game play, or whether this item should be cast in metal?

1 comment:

  1. They're gorgeous, but yeah, metal might be better.