Monday 13 July 2009

Drop Ship XVIII

So today I finished the mounts for each of the turrets and weapon systems. I'm using Old Crow 15mm and 6mm turrets for this, and I brought all of the elements of the Drop ship together for a couple of pictures.

I only have engines and mounts and tail fin for one side of the ship (as I have yet to cast the others), hence the slightly artistic angles to try and get a representation of what this will be like when finished.

On top of the ship you can see a rear missile turret for air to air defence during the descent. On the froward port mount is a radar array.

Here you can see the under mounted forward turret - a 6mm Old Crow Turret - used for anti personnel defence duties while the ship is grounded. Also visible is the forward port 'tube' in which i was originally going to mount forward pointing machine guns for ground clearance - I think now these will house forward firing Air to Ground Missiles instead.

Finally a close up of the forward and aft undermounted turrets. You can also see the rectangular areas that need to house the undercarriage/struts which I have still to complete, and at the moment are giving me a headache as I can't get a design that i both like, and i can cast to recreate...

The big thing I've noticed now that I have all this assembled is the very large windscreen. It's in keeping with the windshield on the old crow gecko and goanna vehicles which was its inspiration, but now I look at it and can't help but thinking "That's one hell of a lot of glass!" Especially given that this craft needs to dive through the atmosphere. Its also a large expanse without any detailing on it and I'm not sure it fits with the rest of the vehicle...

Ho Hum... wonder what I can do about that then?

As always, comments and criticism are welcomed


  1. Now that, sir, is looking rather spiffy. I had no idea it was as big as that. The use of the 6mm turrets is inspired!

    Keep up the good work.

    Seeing as you have used the space 1999 idea, why not go for simple feet for the undercarriage...that's what they did in the show and it worked OK for them.

  2. Hey, Thanks Inso.

    The turrets aren't 6mm and 15mm across they are from the old crow 6mm and 15mm scale range. There ae some scale pictures much earlier in the build... i'll take some more with a grymn in them for you.

    As to feet, have a look at thats as far as i got previously... I'm going to do something similar but i can't get something i like.