Friday 26 June 2009

Ceating a Grymn Force XIII

It has been a while since I posted anything Grymn on here, and in truth this project has been pushed to the back of the queue recently.

Anyway I was sorting out the mass of figures on my painting desk and decided to get them back together and based in an effort to make some progress.

Wow, where did all that lot come from? I honestly only picked up a few of these for some skirmish forces and now look... 59 and counting. (that damned Kev White at Hasslefree Miniatures keeps tempting me with more Grymn figures on his WIP page... the tease!)

Anyway I spent a chunk of the day basing them. They've all had a small magnet inserted under the base, and the hollow of the base filled with epoxy sculpt. I prefer to do this as I use steel drawers or steel liners for storage and transport, and I like the extra weight and 'heft' of the putty. It takes a little while but its one of those boring repetitive jobs that stops you thinking about how many unpainted miniatures you have.

The putty is blue for a two very good reasons ...
  1. It comes in many colours.
  2. I was bored with green.


  1. Does the blue epoxy add as much weight as a washer? On larger models, do you still use the epoxy or something else? Thanks!

  2. It's good to see a few Grymn on your blog again. I hope that they are a bit more successful than the last lot.

  3. shelexie - i've never used washers so i couldn't comment. However to glue a washer in i'd have to cut away the whole slot and the figures tab - so it seems counter productive. Also i've never done it on larger models. Part of the reason the putty is there is to stop the magnet coming off!

  4. Inso - thanks for the comments; you're right i posted some grymn months ago and then real life intervened ... the origninal grymn you refer to are mixed in with the main pic though, so they are not forgotten about... just think of them as the advanced party... the very advanced party...