Sunday 28 June 2009

Creating a Grymn Force XIV

Well... this doesn't have to be just a grymn force post, but this is what I'm considering using this product for.

I just saw these over on Table Top Gaming News and here at TMP (note the TMP discussion suggests other common base sizes are coming soon!

I've often looked at Litko Aerosystems products but never bought any as I then find someone on this side of the atlantic that does something similar. But these look like just the things to base my 5 man companies of Grymn on as movement/ storage/display bases!


  1. Thanks for posting those, Brandlin. I have gone to the site to go shopping!

  2. No problem T.O.M.B. Don't forget my 10% finders fee!

  3. *cough* Someone on this side of the atlantic, you say?

    Funny that....keep an eye on the shop ;)

  4. Can't imagine wha you mean geronimo... ;-) I do seem to have consumed your annual output of 20 and 25mm bases for my dwarf and orc armies though - not trying to get me to send you more money are you?

  5. I couldn't possibly comment, Alan ;)