Tuesday 15 July 2008

Grymn Grav Bike...

Right, that's it, no more "Mr Nice Guy".

I warned him, but would he listen.... ?

It's been months now and I've been polite, persuasive, patient (and a number of other good things beginning with P (but not pizza as thats a baked dough product with a primarily tomato and cheese based topping)) but that hasn't made Kev White from Hasslefree Miniatures finish the awesome Grymn Grav Bike thats been on his WIP page since Adam was potty training.

So, its gloves off time... I'm entering the world of politics, mass demonstrations, civil disobedience and organised riots the like of which has never been seen outside of a G8 summit protest or a JK Rowling book signing.

Oh, and i've launched a petition... (that'll teach him... if he doesn't give in soon there'll be a poster campaign and possibly badges!!)

So feast thine eyes on the mighty Grymn Grav Bike (and click on it), and when you've finished drooling and have stopped feeling guilty for those tiny twinges of lust brought about by naked green stuff... leave a comment demanding this model is finished !!


  1. Ok, I'll bite. Kev, finish that bloody bike!

  2. Finish the bike Kev - (it's better than Jed's)

  3. We need a yeah that smiley over here for that last part of overrevds comment

  4. Go on then, I'll climb aboard.

    Jed's is great for what it is but it isn't Grymn.

    We need a Grymn grav-bike otherwise I can't have a squadron of them with a converted one, with speakers, to re-enact Apocalypse Now!

    So...Kev, please get it finished :)

    @Brandlin...excellent idea to bump up your comment count ;).

  5. I don't even own any Grymn.... The hover bike may persuade me to get some wink wink hint hint nudge nudge :)

  6. Yes Kev ...finish the Grav bike..............i have had enough of the moaning!

  7. who's moaning - its gone Waaaaaaayyyyy past moaning ! ;-)

  8. Hey kev, dude. Mighty fine grav bike there... hurry n get it finished...


  9. HEy Kevin,

    Great work

    Now wha do you say you finish this befor i send Goofy round ?

  10. Kev darling

    hurry up and finish that lil ol' grav bike will you... ive got a better idea for thos enimble fingers of yours...

  11. Brandlin makes nice comments about my painted Hasslefree minis so finish the bike, Kev!

  12. Just getting back into the hobby thing after half a years hiatus So "Get the bike done Kev"...