Sunday 13 July 2008

Plastikote is a swear word.

So, today after many months of abject laziness and slothfulness I prepped and based 31 Grymn.

Fondly washed and dried them then glued them to their likkle slotta bases, used greenstuff to fill the slot and give some relief to the flatness of the base, I glued ikkle magnets under the bases so that they would stick to the metal lined draws i shall use them to transport them...

... then I went to the garage with a trusty can of black spray paint... (plastikote flat black fast dry spray enamel to be precise). PLastikote is a common brand here in the Uk, and widely available, I've heard horror stories but not had a problem despite using it for a number of years.

Never had this happen before, but i've heard of others complaining, but the paint was grainy - very grainy... and it has hardly stuck to the metal (or the couple of pieces of resin scenery) it kind of smudges off even though dry! Tried a sample from 2 other cans and the same effect!!

More to the point how do I rescue my Grymn without having to strip them and do the whole base thing again? Yeah, deep down I know they can't be rescued, but the little plopping noise they make as you drop them into paint stripper is soul destroying.

Anyone practiced in the art of stripping paint from resin?

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  1. cheers cyborg trucker... I have the metal in paint stripper right now but have not attempted the resin yet - i'll look out the products you mention.