Friday 28 November 2014

Interior Decoration

Have started to flesh out the internal decor.

The main bulkhead shown here separates the hold from the cockpit via an iris valve.

You can see a number of storage compartments, medical station and ... "gubbins". This will be resin cast and inserted into the frame.

You can also see the slightly recessed floor allowing for the longer ramp and maximising the rear door height. The opening for the rear door is now complete.

Down each side of the hull is also a "ledge". I am considering continuing the idea of internal 'panels' down each side. Just 3 mm deep these would give the sense of the internals of the ship. Seats for troops, weapon racks... that kind of thing. What do you think? I could make a small number of these which could then be mixed and matched as you wish and simply glued to the inside walls.

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