Sunday 3 November 2013

Diorama of Doom - VII

A change of direction.  I have begun modelling the part of the diorama that I am most concerned about!I am relatively comfortable and happy modelling with styrene sheet and resin, but much less experienced with green stuff and organic modelling - 'sculpting'. So hence this is a bit of a step into the unknown for me.

I'm not going to explain why part of this diorama appears to be set in a forest and another in a workshop - I shall leave that to the reveal and the supporting short story...

It's a tree!
I still have to model some bark on this tree. I think by wrapping this roughed out shape in a layer of green stuff which i then carve or drag the sculpting tool through. Never done this before so wish me luck.

I want to get a feeling like the follwoing pictures in this small circular area, so I am going to either
  1. Print out one of the images and attempt to glue it to the curved plastic backing either side of the main tree - but i am worried about getting a smooth glue onto the plastic and not having the print ink bleed when it is varnished
  2. Paint something similar to these images onto the backing in a trump l'oeil effect - but I am worried that i simply don't have the skill.

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