Friday 21 September 2012

Have I over done it?

One of my very long term aims (around 24 years) has been to run a very large (trust me I mean VERY) Dwarf vs Orc/Goblin game using the old Fantasy Warriors rules and Grenadier Fantasy Warrior Sculpts by Nick Lund.
They may be old sculpts but to me they have enormous nostalgic value.
In what now seems to be an annual event, I've been sorting out my painting space and figure storage. There is a vague risk i may paint something! In doing so I started to pull together Chronicle Chariots (sculpted by Lund for his own Chronicle Miniatures which was later bought out by Citadel).
I thought. Only had 1-2 of these collected over the years. Turns out I have 8! Or certainly the bits to put together 7. I blame e-bay! I'm thinking of putting these into two units of three chariots each and using them as two-wolf light chariots.

Oddly I seem to be 10 wheels short. Anyone have any idea where I can get 18mm diameter lead or plastic solid or spoked wheels?
Note I also have three of the much large Grenadier Orc War Generals Chariots with 4 wolves apiece which will make up the heavy chariots division.
So, it begs the question, how much is too much?


  1. Too much is just a weak person's way of saying they don't have the stamina to build any more height in their lead pile :D

    18mm wheels are awkward but have you thought about US civil war gun-limbers or even the ones we used to have for the Great War? You would only need a couple of them because they have lots of wheels. 15/20mm miniature size would likely be about right so it shouldn't cost too much and should be readily available.

  2. You may be better off sculpting one and casting a set.

    The wheels would only need to be a push mould and shouldn't cause too much of a problem.

    You should also check out this site;

    Good luck.


  3. Thanks for the idea inso. I really dont want to spend a lot of time looking and buying kits hoping the wheels work and my knowledge of napoleonics is ... Limited.

    Tony - I don't want to make them, I have too much on the go already. However the site you link to looks just the business. I've emailed them to ask for sizes.

  4. I can't help much with the wheels I'm afraid, but I do have to say that, as far as Nick Lund's work goes, there is no such thing as too much! One of my big gaming regrets is not having picked up more of his dwarves when they were around in numbers.

  5. Hi ethics gradient... I have a fair few if you ar open to swps or cold hard cash?