Sunday 13 November 2011


I went to the International Plastic Modellers Society (IPMS) show at Telford yesterday and had a good couple of hours wandering around the models. I'm not really interested in the WW2 and modern aircraft and armour, but there were a few sic-fi models on display.

Bargain of the day was picking up an AMT model of NC1701E for just £14.99 rather than the £35 retail price tag.

Never made a Star Trek kit before, but I now find myself wanting all of them!

Another highlight was my son buying his first model kits. An Airfix Tornado GR1 (because Daddy used to work on it) and a Alligator Russian helicopter kit (because it looked cool). work on the tornado began this afternoon around the kitchen table, pictures later.

Finally I also discovered the Berna Multiclamps. These are by far the most useful "extra pair of hands" I've ever owned, simple precise and incredible versatile. Thoroughly recommended!

They are available under the Model Craft Brand (PCL8710/2). I bought two pairs (large and small), but they're so good that I want more!

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