Sunday 12 June 2011

Not on my battlefield - II

Ok, so 14 figures on a CD base was wildly optimistic, considering I can only just get the tank chassis on here ... What was I thinking. So I'll have to come up with an alternate base idea.

Anyway I started kit bashing the Macross Attack Tomahawk. I wanted to remove the long arms and make the torso squatter, and I decided to double up the guns. These are held on with plasticine right now, but a little placard and they will be moveable and posable.

Can you tell what I'm doing yet?


  1. There are going to be robot legs in the skip, and two guys arguing in the foreground while engineers affix the torso to the tank. One of the guys in the foreground will clearly be the pilot of the original mech - possibly an anime influence to his look? Or maybe just colour coordinated.

  2. Ok. Well that spoiled the surprise. I guess there's no point actually building it now is there?

  3. Hope you don't mean that! Knowing your rep, I couldn't take your article heading any other way!
    If it really bothers you, you should be able to delete my post, and I won't mention it again.

  4. noooooooooo don't be silly.

    there will still be a few bits that i'll not show until then end...

    i'm just pleased someone is interested!

  5. Ah. Phew! Can't tell intonation over the intarwebz. :D