Monday 12 July 2010

Possible Roofs...

While I wait for the watchtowers and walls to come back from the laser cutter i thought I'd play about with some very early ideas for the next kits.

These will be simple homesteads. I envisioned a set of three buildings being very modular and interchangeable allowing you to buy a couple of kits and end up with many many different simple buildings.

I was wondering what shapes to make the roofs... A flat one or two would be good, but I fancied doing something a little more unusual too.

These are simple cones but with the point of the cone offset.

These are a simple angled section to create a unusual roof line

A curved roof.

And something odder...

Not sure any of these really grab me...



EDIT : this is the "double cone" image Andres suggests in his comment below.


  1. What about two cones one over the other? I do like them being not centered... hope this image helps me explain...


  2. andres - thanks for the suggestion - very "witches hat!". Its certainly possible, but a double cone takes a lot of styrene... i shall have to experiment - thank you for the idea!

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