Wednesday 16 June 2010

Blog Changes

Blogger has undergone a number of changes recently which means it is now possible to take greater control over the layout, look and feel of blogs. I shall be trying to take advantage of this to make changes and improvements to my blog over the coming couple of days.

Principally I want to
  1. Expand the width of the blog and particularly the posting area to allow bigger and better pictures.
  2. Re-organise the layout of materials on the main page so it's easier to get to stuff
  3. Align the style of the Blog and the style of the materials for the lasercut building range
Please bear with me while i make these changes - it may mean that the blog looks a little odd at times until the weekend .




  1. I had a fiddle with the template on my blog earlier in the week for the same reasons. I want to post more large pictures and exapanding the width of the posting area is a big plus. The new Template Designer options are excellent but long overdue.

  2. I agree long overdue. But actually pretty good. Although its still limited to modifying an existing template rather than creating from scratch - my CSS knowledge isn't good enough for that! But I'm liking the new cleaner look I'm getting that's for sure. And the Tabs are a bonus!

  3. I'm glad you posted this, Alan, as I was thinking of redesigning the layout of my own blog. So, I've implemented a few changes to it, having seen what you've done with yours. I'm firmly of the opinion that if it isn't broken don't fix it. But on the other hand, why be stuck in the past when you can move on? Thanks for giving me the push I needed!

  4. Thank Vampifan - I see you have gone for the funky background approach! It suits your site well... now we need a banner with blood dripping from it and random screams and ghastly moans when you log in! :)