Wednesday 5 May 2010

Twilight Scenery XVII - Stable Geometry

Welcome to Thadrin and Darth Tater, the latest 2 followers of my rambling and misguided blog. I hope you like what you see! Thadrin has just started a blog all about Hasslefree Grymn - so I've put a link to his new venture called "Grymn and bear it "over there >>> that way >>> and down a bit ... you'll find it.

A little more progress. The 2D geometry for the 1mm Stable sheet is complete.

I am working on the 0.5mm sheet geometry which comprises the shingles, windows, tiles and a few other small details. Put together with a cut down pringles tube they make this.

It seems that my laser cutting supplier is overcoming a post Salute 2010 backlog so I've been unable to order kits or to nail down prices. Apologies for the delay.

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  1. I'm admiring your work and your determination to turn your hobby into a commercial endeavor. I'm moving in that direction myself, but with a completely different gaming project. I look forward to your developments! -Ratchet