Tuesday 18 August 2009

Twilight Maps II

The roads, rivers and settlements are completed and I've added the various decoraive elements including Cartouche and Mantle.

There are a few hundred things that need naming now, but I'm leaving that to Mike the creator of Twilight as he has a particular style.

We haven't agreed on a font yet, and I need to place a diffused background behind each text item to get it to show up on the various backgrounds properly.

Click on the map for a larger version.

I like the Sepia version of this map too:

There's also the issue of how to show the various political boundaries (all 39 of them) without losing the detail of the geography.

Comments and suggestions welcome.


  1. I'd be tempted to go for coloured washes over the sepia map to show political boundaries and have a key to one side. You can always either use coloured hatchings to give you tha range you need or re-use colours but with a letter or number so that for example yellow 1 is different to yellow 2 with of course neither butting up against the other! I do a lot of plan based work in the course of my job and we use both methods.

  2. I like both of these, and am so glad you're making them. I'm assuming another draft is in the works, since you referenced that the fonts may change.