Thursday 16 July 2009

Just for Inso

Inso left a comment on my last blog entry, and asked

could you put a miniature next to a 6mm turret so that I can see how big they are? They look rather cool and may be just what I'm looking for...for a project ;)


Click on picture for a much larger version.

For comparison, the two figures are a 28mm Inga miniature now OOP from Spyglass(RIP) on a 30mm display base and a Grym Sergeant from HAsslefree miniatures on a 25mm gaming base.

Descriptions (I can't remember exactly what I bought, but all of these are old crow and i've compared these turrets to their website - so I hope I got these right.

FRONT (left to right)

C6202 - Double Missile Turret 6mm range
C6201 - Small Double Barrel Gun Turret 6mm range

Both of these are 18mm across. There are other smaller turrets i the 6mm range which are 10mm across but I don't have any of those.

MIDDLE ROW (left to Right)

Missile turret - discontinued 15mm range now replaced with a similar but not identical unit, 22mm base. (alternate missile units shown behond the turret)
Comcen Turret 15mm range 22mm diameter base
Tac missile Turret (resin turret with 4 white metal missiles - blu-tac not supplied by old crow) 15mm range 22mm diameter base
Support Turret - discontinued 15mm range. 22mm base.
Mini Turret - 25mm range. 22mm base.18mm base.

BACK ROW top right

2 versions of Single Weapon mount with cannon and missile launcher. 25mm range. 18mm base.


  1. Cheers for the pix...very helpful.

  2. Your work is fantasting and inspiring. i nned to get back to my Grymns I have neglected them keep it up.

  3. No problem Inso.
    Thank you Bandit much appreciated. I'd like to see pictures of your Grymn!

  4. there are a few on my blog