Wednesday 1 July 2009

ABC Warriors

I was in conversation with a few fellow 2000AD ABC Warriors fans a few months ago. The discussion revolved around the ABC warriors already created by Wargames Foundry.

I have all the Foundry figures thanks to a half price sale last year, but haven't got round to painting them yet (surprisingly!). Two of the major hurdles were that Foundry Never produced figures for Happy Shrapnel or Mongrol.

I was just browsing TableTop Gaming News and saw an article for Rattrap Productions who are now making this:

If that's not Happy Sharpnel then its his identical twin brother! [ok, so we may need to add some putty to make the robot beard!)

I lost the emails for the people I was discussing this with, so I'm putting it up here in case they missed it!

The best options for a Mongrol figure I think remains something like this for the body and limbs (A rackham At-43 figure)

With the hands and head from this Alpha Forge Wardroid figure.

You'd have to model the lower jaw from scratch though i think.

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