Thursday 4 December 2008

Grymn Attack Craft

Jed over at Antenociti's Workshop has just published pictures of a great looking 25mm sized attack craft commissioned by Kev White of Hasslefree Miniatures, for use with his Grymn Sci-fi Dwarf range.

Kev also has a green for a pilot figure here which is AWESOME.

So I have found the 25mm equivalent of the 6mm Valkerie from Exodus Wars I showed here

Just a few minor adjustments to do on the lift fans ... :-)

Now, I reckon i need about a dozen and I need them by Christams!


  1. When you make your lift fans, make sure that you link a drive to the centre of the fan.

    You probably have already thought about it but it is something that is easily forgotten that would nag at me if I had made it.

    Which 'grav bike' do you prefer? The new one or the unfinished one?

    I think you know my opinion without having to ask ;).

  2. Hi Inso,

    DRives for the fans could be a drive to the fan centre, or a belt/chain drive around the diameter of the fan... the latter wouldn't be visible one the shroud/cladding was in place... (thats my excuse) :-)

    This isn't a grav bike to me, its a small craft. The open cockpit nature of the 'old' one made it feel more like a bike/hopper/persoanl vehickle to me. They're both good but different.