Tuesday 29 April 2008

Creating a Grymn Force IX

Finally managed to get round to basing the eight grymn I've managed to paint so far. I went for a cold tundra type landscape with very pale winter grass and my first ever snow. I thought this went well with the cool muted greys of the troops.

Not sure how I'm going to argue that the teal colour is camoflage though? Might have to mix up a batch of coloured lichen and pretend its natural alien flora!


  1. Nice! Good to see you back at business, despite that awful March '08 painting balance. I was looking forward to add some snow in my basing process lately, which brand did you use? GW?

  2. Hi nigel... surely not THE nigel tufnel... "all the way up to 11?"... GW????? nooooooo not on my paint table thank you! The snow efect material is from Antenocitis workshop here - http://www.barrule.com/workshop/scratch%20builders%20paradise/water%20wasser%20aqua.html its Aw's own material, penultimate on the above page. £2 for about a years worth... mix it with pva and apply as a runny paste (if that makes sense)... this is a little transparent, the guys at AW suggested adding some white paint to the mix to make it more opaque...

    By the way, the pic here is small and i can't figure out why it wont link to a bigger one. A better pic is on the hasslefree forums "Forum of Doom" if you are interested...

  3. Nice looking Grymn there, icy and cold!

  4. GW's is the only "snow" widely available here in Spain (maybe Woodland Scenics and Vallejo, I'll have to check it)....but for only 2 pounds + postage, maybe it's cheaper to get it from UK; it looks great anyway!!!