Sunday, 30 September 2012

Unofficial Diorama of Doom 2012

Those Nice folks over at The Forum of Doom are having a new painting competition. The Unofficial Diorama of Doom 2012 is being organised by my good friend Inso on behalf of the forum.

The last time i entered this competition (and indeed its the only painting competition I've ever entered) I came second by a whisker. So I have some sort of title to defend! Ha!

The theme of the 2012 competition is ADVERSITY .

I have a couple of ideas for this competition, my first is based on the Hasslefree Miniatures "Scooby Gang" miniatures. showing them 'before' and 'after' Adversity (or as it is more commonly known, 'the Zombie Apocalypse').

This is my picture showing that on the 23rd September (start date of the competition) my figures were cleaned and primed but had no paint.

We wuz robbed!

I came up with a name for this piece:

"Shortly after Mystery Inc discovered that the Brain Devouring Zombie of Hawkins Manor wasn't Old Man Jacoby the Caretaker in disguise, Velma instigated the 'shoot first, unmask later' protocol."

I suspect this may not fit on the base though, so I'll probably shorten it to:

"Shoot First, Unmask Later"

Anyway, things improved this weekend...

... and i managed a little painting. This is an almost complete 'Before' scooby.

... and this is tooled-up Scooby...

Here we see scooby sporting police-issue Canine body armour and equipped with Infra-red goggles.

Apologies for the slightly out of focus pictures... my fault not the cameras, things will improve for the next update.

As always comments suggestions criticism or even abuse that demonstrates you read this and care, is appreciated!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Have I over done it?

One of my very long term aims (around 24 years) has been to run a very large (trust me I mean VERY) Dwarf vs Orc/Goblin game using the old Fantasy Warriors rules and Grenadier Fantasy Warrior Sculpts by Nick Lund.
They may be old sculpts but to me they have enormous nostalgic value.
In what now seems to be an annual event, I've been sorting out my painting space and figure storage. There is a vague risk i may paint something! In doing so I started to pull together Chronicle Chariots (sculpted by Lund for his own Chronicle Miniatures which was later bought out by Citadel).
I thought. Only had 1-2 of these collected over the years. Turns out I have 8! Or certainly the bits to put together 7. I blame e-bay! I'm thinking of putting these into two units of three chariots each and using them as two-wolf light chariots.

Oddly I seem to be 10 wheels short. Anyone have any idea where I can get 18mm diameter lead or plastic solid or spoked wheels?
Note I also have three of the much large Grenadier Orc War Generals Chariots with 4 wolves apiece which will make up the heavy chariots division.
So, it begs the question, how much is too much?

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fancy a new car?

I've only just seen these new 28mm resin sci-fi vehicles from Antenocitis Workshop, and I have to say I love them.
Is it just me or does one of these look like a BMW and the other a Mercedes? At least we know what the Bavarian automobile industry will be churning out in 50 years.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

More cool Grymn

Updates on the work of minion posted over on the lead adventure forum. A similar but lighter colour scheme to the one I chose, a little more cartoony and a damned sight better painted :(