Sunday 22 May 2011

Have I Overdone it?

As I have previously posted, I'm more of a figure buyer than a painter or gamer. I think I may just have proved it again.

Those of you with long memories may remember the start of my Hasslefree miniatures Grymn army, complete with Old Crow vehicles. I simply adore both ranges and think they go brilliantly together.

One problem I have though is I don't actually plan a force. I tend o buy some figures, then buy some vehicles to go in them, then realise I've over bought vehicles, so over buy figures to fill them... And so on.

I think I may have done it again. I have order arriving imminently from Old Crow which will bring my total vehicle list to:

1 Halberd Assault Gun - tracked
3 Gladius Medium Tank - tracked (2 tank turret, 1missile)

1 Claymore Heavy APC - wheeled (Support turret)
4 Glaive Medium APC - tracked (2 cannon, 1 missile, 1 command)

1 Slingshot multipurpose AFV - wheeled (tank turret)
3 Trojan Light APC - wheeled (2 cannon, 1 missile)

3 Gecko scouts (1 pickup)
1 Goanna scout (missile)

3 Provider transport truck - wheeled
3 Provider trailers - wheeled (mobile landing deck, lorry body or missile options) *these are outrider scout chassis with my own bodies attached

1 Raven gunship
1 Crow Infantry/Cargo lander

I do have around 100 Grymn but I just know that:
a) I'll buy more (especially if/when Hasslefree release more.
b) I'll probably need more to fill the vehicles

In addition I also have my eye on some more trucks and support vehicles, the SansomRecovery Vehicle, and surprisingly I don't have any of the outrider scout cars yet! Oh, and you can't have ONE lander can you? You need enough to get your whole force mobile, so you need enough gunships and fliers to protect them... Obvious really.

Am I locked in a never ending wallet busting cycle?

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  1. It all sounds familiar to me...I have the same sort of buying cycle so it all seems fine to me :).

    Grymn are cool so they are worth buying in quantity and the same can be said about Old Crow...

    ...yep...all seems fine to me :).