Monday 23 May 2011

Dairy Lea?

A potential new model made from a heightened Dairy Lea Cheese box. I'm playing around with how to have an offset conical roof incorporating a balcony. This is as far as I got.

As always, this would be detailed with beam work, and entrance door, windows and a few other bits and pieces...

For those of you unaware of the chemical goodness that is cheese triangles here in the UK...
And it seems that LAughing Cow boxes are the same size...


Comments welcomed.


  1. Dairy Lea cheese? I've never heard of that here in Spain. Are you sure that it's sold in enough countries outside the UK?

  2. Thats the only draw back Ajsalium - i'm not sure.

    I'll add pictures of the packaging to the blog post in a minute with sizes.

  3. the boxes are the same size as Laughing Cow cheese triangles too if that helps?

  4. Ah! Laughing Cow... we have that here, too.

    I've had a visit to the fridge, and found there a box of cheese triangles, from the brand Tenery (I think that's one of those cheap brands sold on Lidl stores). Its diameter is exactly 110mm. Is that the same? Perhaps all brands use the same size...