Thursday 7 January 2010

Modular Vehicles VI

This is a hull to convert the scout chassis into a smaller version of the provider truck. The flat bed is actually the same size as that on the main provider so the modules will be interchangeable.

And the completed landing pad with flaps down...

... and flaps up ...

I have modified the front of the landing pad so that its lower and offers less obstruction to landing on it, and enlarged the landing area somewhat and made the whole thing easier to model and fixed a couple of problems with getting the flaps to move easily without fouling.

I really should make some of these.... eventually.

EDIT 21.01.10
I think I may have to add outriggers/legs to the flaps to keep them up as the bracing under the flaps is an area i am concerned about. This is my current approach both to having the legs in use and then stowed in the vehicle.

Alternatively Slide supports from under the main hull. Like this:


While this is a more elegant solution it does mean that the main landing pad ends up getting much beefier and the multiple layers of plasticard along the hull edges will be difficult to model smoothly. It also means I wont get 3 kits per A4 sheet but just 2, so that will increase the cost.

I'll have to see what the test kit looks like when i get it back from the laser cutters.


  1. Some more nice CAD work :).

    I'm not too sure about the 'baby provider' but I'll wait to see what it looks like in the flesh to see if it looks the moment the rear of the cab looks a bit too chopped off...maybe if you moved the doors slightly forward and had a small panel behind them, it may improve the look...

    The helipad looks great. Can I suggest a small addition? If you put a gridded area in the middle of the pad, it would make a good anchor for a deck-lock (like on ships). That way, the helipad could be used as a transport for the helis due to them being locked on.

    Now you've done the CAD work...the REAL work starts ;)!

  2. The mini provider is a bit cramped because i tried to keep the available space the same as the full size one. I think it might be better if i removed the rear sticking up block, and then extended the cab back a little and modelled it like the proper cab.

    The idea behind the helipad is that it IS a transproter as well as a launch pad. I haven't added deck clamps yet as i can't see the undercarriage that HF intends to put on the Grymn Flier or the undercarriage That Fenris Games intend to put on their recently previewed flier. I may have to come up with something 'generic'.

  3. Oh, and Inso... thanks for your continued comments and enthusiasm... even when I've done nothing nothing! Cheers mate!