Monday 4 January 2010

Modular Vehicles IV

A tiny update: I have refined the chassis so it's now a much more accurate copy of the Old Crow original ... improved the wheels so they are more accurate, and played around with textures and colours.

OK, so it's not modeling but I am having fun, and hopefully I am making all my mistakes in cyber-land not in plasticard! I've already figured out how to make the hinged sides for example.

Also some progress on the 'Truck' (or Provider Transport as Old Crow call it). The Big Yellow Box is to show where I intend to incorporate the modular loads for the truck.  Still some work to do here, but you can begin to see the detail of the raised panel areas on the rear of the truck which will allow me to play around with similar patterns on the scratch-built elements to keep them consistent with the Old Crow look.

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