Thursday 5 February 2009

A slow start to the year blog wise but I have been doing some painting.

I've painted up a number of additional figures for an rpg game that I play.

This is my Characters Mini-me... special weapon... spits napalm. A Rackham confontation familiar of fire.

His pet cowardly demon Jillafegh... A Wyrd miniatures imp.

His pet demon fey - thats a 20mm base on this figure - she's tiny. Made from a couple of GW familiar bits and some Green stuff.

And SEVEN different versions of my character from different timelines and dimensions...
Each with Rebecca, his tom siamese cat... "good evening Mr Bond..."


  1. I love the seven character models of the same character. I like how the colors and the cat tie them together. Well done. Nice exicution.


  2. Cool models superbly painted. Seven versions of the same that's my definition of dedication!