This is a regularly updated list of miniatures that I am looking for. I'm prepared to swap, buy, steal or mug for them so if you have anything on this list you want rid of then email me. 

Grenadier Fantasy Warriors

I'm always on the look out for any Orcs and Goblins from this range of Nick Lund sculpts.

I have all of these models, but i'm looking for the separate back banners - two of the banners have crescent moon symbols, the third has three skulls hanging from it.

I have the figures for these Grenadier Trolls but I want the original weapons and shields shown in these pictures (the Mirliton casts have different shields provided)

Goblin Gargoyle riders.

Orc Dragon Riders (preferably with the detachable weapon arms)

Kobold Lizard Riders


N15 Wolf Riders

There are FOUR Chronicle Chariots listed.
CM22B1 - Orc War Chariot with Two Crew & Two Wolves Pulling
CM22B2 - Orc War Chariot with Three Crew & Four Wolves Pulling
CM22C - Orc Generals War Chariot A/A But With General, StdBearer & Driver
I dont have picture of these first three - but i sill want them.

The pictures below are of BN1 Goblin Chiefs Chariot - I want this too.