Each of the model kits is initially designed on Google Sketchup v7.1, and the 2D geometry then laid up in TurboCad Pro Platinum 17. I then import the 2D geometry back into Sketchup and give it some thickness and assemble the model digitally. This allows me to spot errors in the geometry but also means I have a model from which to produce the comprehensive assembly instructions.

The spin off from this is that I also have models which I can share with customers and potential customers allowing you to see the assembled models either before you buy or to help answer any questions you may have during assembly.  The models are deliberately not rendered and represent the model you will build in its 'raw' styrene state.

These models will also allow you to swap components between models for example mocking up a Pryn-Gul Tower with a Haft-Oob helical staircase.

Download individual SketchUp Models

The models are provided here for your personal use; all commercial rights are witheld.
I'd be happy to see pictures of your planned layouts, or rendered images of these models.