Monday 11 April 2016

Grymn Flier - II

A word of warning.

Never. EVER. Feed a work in progress model after midnight*. They multiply...

So my small flotilla of Grymn Fliers are taking shape...

Each of them has twin rotors, a magnetised mount for a forrad under-nose weapon mount, and a fixed mount at the rear for a fying base.

Still to do:
  • Landing system - Skids or wheels? I'm thinking skids for simplicity - there are two moulded holes in the cockpit sides that would work to put helicopter style skids into probably made from bent/soldered brass rod. Landing gear will need to be quite high to prevent the nose weaon from grounding, also quite wide to allow the nose weapon to turn. I'm hoping this will be a 'good thing' and it will lend the flier a feel of a flying insect and add to its small, one man, light fragile nature.
  • Weapon system - I'm hoping some 15mm Old crow single weapon mounts will scale ok the 25mm ones i have are way too big! This will mean i can mount a small cannon or a missile pack or even a comms package to the front.
  • Tail fin - I'm struggling to get a shape for this that I like. As there are twin rotors (which would rotate in opposite directions) there is no need for a long tail with a stabilising rotor. So a simple directional fin will suffice. It will need to project rearwards to balance out the bulk of the cockpit forwards, but I'm not going to add a rigid tail. I'm thinking something that looks like it would be at home on a modern day microlight would be ideal. Its also somewhere to add a squad/vehicle identifying marks.

For those of you that are curious I have a couple of pics showing scale.

The only figure scifi figure I have easy access to is a Hasslefree Grymn Trooper (centre) for which these fliers are designed. That's a little over 22mm tall and I think fits the cockpit comfortably.

The two other figures here are from Wyrdd and Rackham, they are in the 32-35mm+ size. I think these cockpits would be tight and small for something of the GW Space Marine size. I think other more slender 28mm scaled figures would be OK but a little tight - emphasising the 'light' nature of the craft.

The cockpits would accommodate 2 x 15mm figures side by side or even behind the other. I shall be painting the cockpit glass so have made no attempt to model an interior.

Hope that helps.

More soon...

* Rumour suggests that getting them wet or exposing them to day light may also be a bad idea.

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