Monday, 22 December 2014

New Skin. New Bulge. Horrid!

I have finally spent the time finishing the hull, redesigning the front bulge to make the 'push out' for the front engines integral to the hull, and skinningt he whole thing.

I hate it.

The front bulge now looks too angular.

I think I'm going to scrap the last 3 hours work and go back to having the front and rear bulges match, and then making a separate piece to push the front engines out - probably just a stubby cylindrical shape.


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

DropShip 6mm Prototype

I had a gift certificate from Shapeways, and this came in the post this morning.

The 'Frosted Ultra Detail' material is a nightmare to photograph. If you click on the picture you'll get the original full size photo and you can see a bit more.

This was printed in two sections (cockpit, and the rest). Each piece is hollow and simply pushed together by means of a hexagonal boss and matching hole.

You'll have to take my word for it that I can just see all the panel lines, and even the engine intake turbine blades! There is a little bit of stepping on the curved sections of the hull, but nothing to worry about. There are a couple of areas where I shall make changes, probably make the panel lines and a couple of things more prominent so they show up at this scale. Also, I forgot to put a flight stand mounting hole on the underside!

Then I'll have to start looking at getting it cast.

Quite pleased with this.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Rear Storage Compartments II

A little more progress

All of these internal panles are just 3mm deep so the detail on them is 3D but it is shallow and I'm trying to get a trompe l'oeil effect.

The storage lockers at the back show ammo crates, first aid and general boxes along with additional oxygen cylinders and the start of what will be rifles. I may add some pistols and a couple of magazines.

However this is starting to look very expensive as these panels need a high definition 3D printerto create the masters ... Gulp!

EDIT: So does this look like weapons in roll fronted cabinet?

Rear Storage compartments

Didn't do much today, but got the final internal panel started. Got this far.

Not sure whther to make the space one or two "compartments" wide.

I've been thinking of putting roller shutter doors on the compartments, but then thought i could leave them open or part open and model stuff in them. They aren't very deep, so I'd have to 'hint at' whats inside. I was going to do weapons and ammo, but i thought that might narrow down users/buyers as it wouldn't match their figures...

Any suggestions of what to put in them?

Friday, 5 December 2014

Draft Seats

First pass at the layout for seating down each side of the hull.

8 seats in 4 blocks of 2. This makes the 3d printing cheaper and simply means 4 resin casts rather than 1.

Seats are shown folded up, but I may do a variant with a seat down so you can mix and match. Shown here is underseat cabin/storage, fixing ring for cargo/vehicle load, seat hinge with the seat pad folded up and above that a head rest (very sketchy) and then at the top an over head locker.

I have been considering webbing belts in a 5 point harness but am beginning to think that a hard harness (like that on a theme park ride) might be a better idea.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

More bulkheads

Not much to show, but bulkheads updated and finalised for printing.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Rear Ramp problem - solved

Progress on the hull redesign. I have solved the steep ramp angle problem.

In fact I may have over solved it!

The picture shows the 'false' floor that sits in the cargo bay recess and slides out. The rear door will hinge down as before and magnets in the inside of the door will hold the door up against the underside of the false floor, thus creating a ramp.

When readying for take off, the false floor will slide back into the cargo hold and the same magnets will locate it to the recessed main floor. the door magnets will hold the door shut against the rear hull.


The only problem is now that the ramp looks too long! Thats about a 7 degree angle to the horizontal.

I can play with the length of the false floor to get a better look though. Just the hinge and door to redesign now.