Sunday, 26 January 2014

13 months late

My Unofficial Diorama of Doom entry for 2012. Yes i know its 13 months late.. but i got there in the end

Needs some better pictures but I hope you all like this.

I came up with a name for this piece:

"Shortly after Mystery Inc discovered that the Brain Devouring Zombie of Hawkins Manor wasn't Old Man Jacoby the Caretaker in disguise, Velma instigated the 'Shoot First, Unmask Later' protocol."

I suspect this may not fit on the base though, so I'll probably shorten it to:

"Shoot First, Unmask Later"

The Scooby Gang

The Post-Zombie Apocalypse Scooby Gang

Friday, 24 January 2014


I forgot to post this at Christmas, and I am sure that anyone who cares already knows but my "Last Pedestrian" entry into the Forum of Doom Unofficial Diorama of Doom 2013 competition won!

Yay! Go Me! :-)

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Halo Jones

I've been looking at some 2000AD figures over the last week or so, and trying to complete some of the characters I remember from my nerdy youth.

Halo Jones was a surprising favourite and I've had Toby the dog from Foundry for some time
But there isn't a halo figure. Then I came across Effigy Games Closing down sale. And they had this figure which I think will be great, and finally arrived yesterday! I may have to add to the shoulder pads though - just like in Dallas/Dynasty!

 I'm going to have to get some funky hippie colour combinations too!