Sunday 8 December 2013

Diorama of Doom XIV

More modelling work today has resulted in these efforts to make the overhead gantry,  cradle, winch and festoon system.

For reference this is what I am trying to make. Overhead gantry crane showing the motorised cradle that runs along the girder and the winch. The 'festoon' is the arrangement that allows the electricity cable to bepulled out as the cradle moves. Rather like curtain rings on a curtain pole.

I see yellow paint in my immediate future
 This is beginning to feel never ending.

Festoon system assembled to the main crane gantry.

Overhead view of the gantry and festoon system
Detail of the gantry cradle with the built in winch and motor
The cradle and winch are scratch built from sheet and tube styrene and  a couple of wheels from model kits. It can't be assembled until last as it need to be glued in place to the girder.

I'm just off to spray some yellow paint.


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