Saturday 28 September 2013

Diorama of Doom Competition 2013 - I

Over on the Forum of  Doom the good people of Haslefree Miniatures, Fenris Games, Heresy Miniatures and Black Scorpion run an annual painting competition known as the (unofficial) Diorama of Doom.

This year the theme is: "Pick on someone your own size!"

The competition starts on the 24th September 2013 with submissions due by 24th December. At the start of the competition you are required to submit a photograph of your miniatures to demonstrate that you haven't started to paint them yet!

Here are my starting materials. In total that's 15 miniatures from all four manufacturers, an Old Crow tank, 2 walkers (cough), a skip, loads of brass etch, styrene and other modelling gubbins*.

Have I overdone it again?
And this picture showing the date and time...

This will be a tongue in cheek scenario featuring two interlinked diorama's - as you might be able to tell from the oddly shaped MDF base.

I can promise a reappearance of Bob and Dave from my DoD 2011 entry "Do you think he'll notice?"; and we shall find the inept duo have been sacked from their line marking jobs and have set up their own scrap business!

Right, time to get started... Where is my walker leg removing saw...???

* I knew gubbins was a real word despite the little wiggly red line under it that refuses to go away!

Gubbins  (ˈɡʌbɪnz)
— n
1.( functioning as singular ) an object of little or no value
2.( functioning as singular ) a small device or gadget
3.( functioning as plural ) odds and ends; litter or rubbish
4.( functioning as singular ) a silly person

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